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Information about Devotio is located here. You're held to them even if you don't read them. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Oh wait. Yes, I do.
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Got a concern that could use some public discussion? Post it here and somebody will get to it. Eventually.
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Updates for the site can be found here.
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This is where we sacrifice children to our Lord Satan.
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Apply here.
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All approved characters can be found here.
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You are encouraged to plot in the cbox or over PMs, but this board is for all your other needs.
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Your one stop for all your Devotio-related purchases.
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Members can write weekly reincarnation prompts about a selected character here. All of these posts will be non-canon until purchased in the shop. Candidates are selected from the sign-ups only.
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The capital city of the Empire. Did the city come before the empire, or the empire before the city? The seat of the royal family, the heart of the imperial army and the most populous city in the world, it's said that the sun orbits the world, but the world itself orbits Shara.
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Once an outpost of the empire, now a thorn in the imperial foot. Irkalla is an independent city-state that tore away after past memories began returning to Champions across the empire. Protected by the near-impassable cliffs of the Eastern Shelf and their zeppelin fleet, Irkalla waits with grim purpose.
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The Centerspine Mountains are all that separate the human world from the Northern Wastes, where monsters dwell in their banishment. The imperial cities of Thebes and Kur are in the mountains, guarding the southern lands from incursion. Many famous champions of old have made their fame dying in the Centerspine.
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The Salt Desert makes up nearly a third of the empire, but is empty of people for the most part, save for the few towns clustered around the lakes on the outskirts of the desert, the nomadic half-loyal tribes that wander the sands and the city of Belet, perched at the foot of the mountains.
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Four Rivers Crossing is the informal designation for the middle lands, lush and fertile, where three of the empire's cities are clustered together. Zaqar, Shul and Neri all boast a distinct culture, but those from outside Four Rivers tend to regard all of them the same, much to their citizen's discontent.
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Sailors are rare, and successful ones even rarer. Leviathans live in the waters and destroy ships that attempt to cross the ocean. Still--there have been settlements established on small islands that can be seen from shore.
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Threads in lifetimes before this one go here. Characters will not remember any of these events unless they are purchased from the shop.
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This is your catch-all board for forum games, discussion, and template/graphics storage.
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Dead and completed threads go here.
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Advertise and affiliate here. Be sure to post in the correct sub-board. Don't worry about double posts - we'll also post twice if that happens. Ads that stretch the board will be deleted.
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Tir Dearthair by Heidi

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